i’m a west coast brat thru & thru: laid-back yet enthusiastic & hypersocial. as a youngster, i moved all over southern california. being raised by a single mom & taking care of my baby bro, i had to grow up fast. nevertheless, even into my late twenties, i’m still a huge kid at heart. like, a tough but sensitive kid with a chip on her shoulder.

this is reflected in my cheekily thoughtful style of illustration. wobbly pencil lines and dirty ink washes transform when splashed liberally with vibrant, digital color. i try to find a balance between loud, rump-shakin energy and an introspective realness that is at the core of all things. i am obsessed with pop culture + society.

at 19, i moved to san francisco to study fashion design. at 20, i was an art school dropout working two jobs. after lots of twists & turns, i find myself nestled in portland, oregon earning my BFA in illustration from PNCA.

i enjoy eavesdropping, peoplewatching, cuddling with my pup xoe, & gettin turnt.

let's party.